Be the hero — fight hunger

It’s here — the 30th annual Minnesota FoodShare March campaign! The March campaign is Minnesota’s largest event designed to raise dollars and pounds of food for food shelves to fill the cupboards of our hungry neighbors.

CAER food shelf’s goal this year is 115,000 pounds/dollars. And the best news is we receive matching fund incentives from Minnesota FoodShare and the Feinstein Foundation. That’s right — all donations grow this month with these matching funds.

This year’s theme, “Be the Hero. Fight Hunger” is simply put. Anyone can be a hunger-fighting hero. Maybe you will host or participate in a work or school fundraising event. Maybe you will have a neighborhood drive or volunteer your time in any of a number of ways. Or you might make a donation directly to CAER. However you participate — your efforts make a difference. You can be a hero.

Last year CAER again distributed a value of over $1 million worth of food to the hundreds of families who seek assistance at our food shelf. Hunger and food insecurity is not something we are always aware of, it is often hidden. But it is occurring, right here in our community. It may be your neighbors or co-workers; it might be your children’s classmates or your family or friends. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from, when you will eat next and how you ensure your children are being fed is a devastating and real problem for many families in our community.

I believe in this community. I believe in its caring and generous nature. I believe we can reach our goal with the support of our community partners. Now is the time to step up, now is the time to say we don’t want our families going hungry, now is the time to be one of the heroes in this fight.

For more information about CAER, the March campaign, or to learn more about food insecurity, please visit our website:, call 763-441-1020, or visit CAER at 19279 Watson St., Elk River. — Jenny Gray, Big Lake (Editor’s note: Gray is the director of CAER.)