Police Chief Brad Rolfe honored for 30 years of service

Elk River Police Chief Brad Rolfe has been recognized for 30 years of service to the city of Elk River.

Police Chief Brad Rolfe

He was hired as a patrol officer on Jan. 4, 1982.

In 1985 he was promoted to corporal and then to sergeant the following year. In 2003, Rolfe was promoted to captain. When Chief Jeff Beahen retired in 2010, Rolfe was chosen as his successor.

He is the founder and former team leader of the department’s SWAT team, a former commander of the honor guard and  a senior firearms instructor and has received numerous awards.

“He’s had a very, very distinguished career,” City Administrator Cal Portner said, describing Rolfe as an outstanding leader.

Capt. Bob Kluntz said Rolfe has been an active, engaged and selfless member of the department. His concerns have been for the department, the people of the community and the staff.

Rolfe was honored by the Elk River City Council on Feb. 21, which also happened to be his 31st wedding anniversary.

Rolfe said the last 30 years have gone by quickly.

“Little did I realize 30 years ago, when I was the rookie cop in this county with big hair and a Fu Manchu surrounded by a lot of veteran officers, that one day I would be the senior, longest-serving licensed officer in the county. It happened slowly and gradually, but all of a sudden it happened,” Rolfe said.

He said he’s had the pleasure of working with excellent City Councils, outstanding city staff members and exceptional police officers.

He thanked his family for their support.