Shock, dismay describes reaction to parent behavior

This letter is written to express my shock and dismay at the behavior displayed by the parents of the Rogers eighth grade traveling girls’ basketball team at a tournament in Fairmont, Minn. yesterday. The game between the Rogers and Fairmont teams was tightly contested throughout with lots of physical play, but when one of the Fairmont players fouled out in the second half about a dozen parents of the Rogers team clapped and cheered when this 14-year-old had to walk off the court and cried on the bench because of the behavior displayed by these parents. Apparently sportsmanship and good play is not appreciated in Rogers, and the rest of the spectators in the gym who viewed this display of no class were appalled at this boorish behavior. Unfortunately, this teaches their own children who witnessed this display poor sportsmanship is OK. Sad … — David Krusemark, Fairmont