Bachmann in 4th

by T.W. Budig
ECM Capitol correspondent

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, no longer lives within the 6th Congressional District.

The Minnesota political landscape changed on Tuesday afternoon with the release of a redistricting plan crafted by a five-judge, court redistricting panel.

Because the Legislature failed to produce a redistricting plan, the court took on the task of sorting the state’s 5.3 million inhabitants into political units that took into account changes in population while attempting to retain shared lifestyles of people living in the area.

Bachmann, who resides in what will become  the new 4th District, intends to run for election for a fourth term in the 6th District, according to media reports.

“I intend to run in the 6th District,” she told The Hill, a Washington publication.

“It’s essentially unchanged … I grew up in this district, went to junior high here, high school, college. Our children were born here, our business is here, our church is here,” she said.