‘Smart’ ALEC letter touches off response in community and beyond

Hopefully the more information out here about things like this … the more people will make choices that really serve the greater good. Although I’m afraid it doesn’t always work that way … it’s still important to put out the information. Good letter on ALEC. Thanks. — Jon Frasz, Facebook (Editor’s note: Frasz posted this on the Star News online Facebook site.)

ALEC’s donations have too much influence in politics
Last week there was a letter with information about a group called ALEC. I agree that this group is putting too much money into influencing our elections and controlling the legislation that is happening in our states and nation. The problem is not just with ALEC. Both of the major political parties are receiving far too much money from corporations in exchange for legislation that will favor those corporations.

When the Supreme Court passed Citizens United in 2010, did they really want corporations to be people and money to equal speech? That ruling diminishes government by and for the people — real people, not corporations. We need to change the way our political campaigns are financed. Citizens United should be repealed. Limitations should be placed on campaign spending. Where the money comes from should be disclosed. Until we do this, we will find ourselves increasingly living in a corporate oligarchy. — Lavina Hoselton, Elk River

Very good, but there’s much more to know
Very good. With a little more work you’ll discover the secret handshake. Below is a list of organizations that beat the drum the Democrats march to. Plus, they’re all affiliated with George Soros.
• Advancement Project
• Air America Radio:
• All of Us or None:
• Alliance for Justice:
• America Coming Together.
• America Votes:
• America’s Voice:
• American Bar Association Commission on Immigration Policy:
• American Civil Liberties Union:
• American Constitution Society for Law and Policy:
• American Family Voices:
• American Federation of Teachers:
• American Friends Service Committee:
• American Immigration Council:
• American Immigration Law Foundation:
• American Institute for Social Justice:
• American Library Association.
• The American Prospect, Inc.:
• Amnesty International:
• Applied Research Center:
• Arab American Institute.
• Aspen Institute:
• Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now:
• Bill of Rights Defense Committee:
• Black Alliance for Just Immigration:
• Brennan Center for Justice:
• Brookings Institution:
• Campaign for America’s Future:
• Campaign for Better Health Care:
• Campaign for Youth Justice:
• Campus Progress:
• Casa de Maryland:
• Catalist:
• Catholics for Choice:
• Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good:
• Center for American Progress:
• Center for Community Change:
• Center for Constitutional Rights:
• Center for Economic and Policy Research:
• Center for Reproductive Rights:
• Center for Responsible Lending:
• Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:
• Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS):
• Change America Now:
• Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington:
• Coalition for an International Criminal Court:
• Common Cause:
• Constitution Project:
• Defenders of Wildlife.
• Democracy Alliance:
• Democracy 21:
• Democracy Now!:
• Democratic Justice Fund.
• Democratic Party:
• Demos:
• Drum Major Institute:
• Earthjustice:
• Economic Policy Institute.
• Electronic Privacy Information Center:
• Ella Baker Center for Human Rights:
• EMILY’s List:
• Energy Action Coalition:
• Fair Immigration Reform Movement:
• Faithful America:
• Feminist Majority:
• Four Freedoms Fund:
• Free Exchange on Campus:.
• Free Press:
• Funding Exchange:
• Gamaliel Foundation:
• Gisha: Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement:
• Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect:
• Global Exchange. — Gregg Kulberg  (Editor’s note: Kullberg posted this on the Star News online Facebook site. A longer list is offered on his Facebook post.)

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