Time to stop putting oil firms in charge of the environment

It’s time for us to stop putting the oil companies in charge of protecting our natural environment. They’re not doing a very good job.

They are telling us that this new pipeline will be good for us because it will make jobs. They forget to tell us that sometimes these things spill and cause messes that make people sick and kill things. They forget to tell us that they have to kill all sorts of trees and plants and birds and other animals just to make a barrel of oil. They have to poison lots of air and water to make that oil, too.

Why do we need so much oil? Because we haven’t decided to find ways to use less of it. We can’t wait for the oil companies to help us with this, because they’re not too interested. So let’s tell our congresswoman and congressman that we don’t want the Keystone XL Pipeline. Let’s tell them we want help to find ways to use less oil and still live good lives. We can figure it out now, or we can wait until all of the oil is gone and the planet is wrecked.  — Harry Davis, Elk River