Local online author Church honored by GLTB readers

Margie Church, Elk River author of online romance novels, has received two awards from Loves Romances Cafe, an online Yahoo group.

She was selected as GLBT author of the year and her novel “Hard as Teak” won GLTB book of the year.

Margie Church

Loves Romances Cafe has thousands of readers, authors, and publishers from around the world, who read and produce all types of romance novels. Nominations in almost twenty categories were made by the site owners in late December 2011. Voting was done in secret by Café members.

This was the first gay romance for Church, who has nine published romance novels in all. It’s a story of a photographer who realizes his identity in his 30’s, falls in love and deals with his future. Church said she researched gay romance as a member of a web site that caters to gay readers.

There were several other “spectacular books” in this categoy with better-known authors, noted Church, elated to receive the honors. She said she wrote a gay romance in part because they tend to be the best-selling genre.

Church’s web site is www.romancewithsass.com.