‘Clue, the Musical’ coming up at Elk River Community Theatre

The cast took a break from rehearsales to clown for the camera, with six suspects all brandishing a weapon with which they may or may not have knocked off Mr. Boddy, middle, played by Paul Olson. From left are Kevin Hunter, Earl Milton, Micky Capp DeeDee Buckley, Catheine Glommen, and Katie Wolf. In front pondering the situation is Laura Kauffman as the detective. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


“Clue, the Musical” will be presented by Elk River Community Theatre in seven perfomances between Feb. 17 and 26, announced director Michael Conrad.

The cast will include Paul Olson as Mr. Boddy, Catherine Glommen as Mrs. Peacock, Earl Milton as  Professor Plum, Katie Wolf as Miss Scarlet, Kevin Hunter as Colonel Mustard, Dee Dee Buckley as Mrs. White, Mickey Capps as Mr. Green, and Laura Kauffman as Detective.

This will be an audience-participation event, with a total of 216 different possible solutions (regarding person, weapon, room, and so on) to vote upon.

Performance dates will be Feb. 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 24, and 26, all 7:30 p.m. at the Little Theatre at ERHS. We’ll have more on the play next week.