Thank you for Beyond the Yellow Ribbon coverage

Thanks for the excellent coverage of the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon kickoff event.

We’ve come to expect this kind of reporting on important community developments.

The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organization is meant to mobilize community resources to serve the needs of military families. We understand that there are 186 National Guard members in our 55330 ZIP Code.

We also are informed there are 431 children of military families under 18 in Sherburne County.

We want to commend Mayor John Dietz and Council Member Nick Zerwas for attending the kick-off event.

We also want to commend the American Legion and VFW posts for their support, particularly to the American Legion for providing the space for our meetings and for the kick-off at no charge.

Our organization is involving many facets of the community to make Elk River not only a resource for military families, but a welcoming place for families who are sacrificing to protect our liberties. — Don Heinzman, Elk River