Police Report: school bus slides into oncoming lane

by Jim Boyle

School bus slides into oncoming lane
A school bus driver travelling west on 181st Avenue near Fillmore Street in Elk River on Monday morning during a snow event slid into the oncoming lane after a motorist in front the Kottkes bus reportedly applied the brakes suddenly and unexpectedly.

The bus became perpendicular to the oncoming lane of traffic and was struck by an eastbound Ford Ranger in the passenger-side entry doors of the bus. There were no children on the bus at the time of the accident, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

The Ranger sustained heavy front-end damage and was disabled. The bus had moderate damage. There were no injuries reported, Kluntz said.

Jamaica man scam foiled by woman, 81
An Elk River woman, 81, reported she was contacted by a man who stated she had won $2 million, and he requested $500 for processing the winnings. The complainant, who resides in the 600 block of Irving Avenue, suspected the incident was an attempt to scam her and called to report and document the matter on Jan. 22. An Internet search showed the number emanated from Jamaica.

Motorist cited for possession of drugs
A 24-year-old Elk River man was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop for speeding and failing to obey a stop sign at 1 a.m. Jan. 22 in vicinity of the 17900 block of Highway 10, Elk River.

Fifteen-year-old’s mini bike taken from bar
A 15-year-old Elk River boy parked his mini bike outside Broadway Bar and Pizza in the 16000 block of Highway 10 in Elk River and went inside. When he came out about 20 minutes later, the mini bike was gone. The theft was reported shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 21.

Woman identifies drug-related items
A parent living along 172nd Lane in Elk River called police Jan. 21 to help identify items she thought were drug related. Turns out they were items used for smoking marijuana and multiple empty baggies that had previously contained pot. The complaintant advised she would destroy items and the police assisted, Kluntz reported.

Young men cited for possession in stop
Following a traffic stop in the area of Main Street and Parrish Avenue in Elk River, officers cited a number of people in the car. They included an Otsego man, 20, who was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana, a Princeton man, 20, who was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana and a Rogers man, 20, who was cited for a seat belt violation.

Woman, 44, arrested for DWI on Jackson
An Elk River woman, 44, was arrested for fourth-degree DWI after a traffic stop at 1:28 a.m. Jan. 21 in the 18900 block of Jackson Avenue, Elk River.

Walmart shopper reports theft of purse
A  23-year-old Elk River  woman reported that her purse was stolen while she was at Walmart on Jan. 20. The contents of the purse included $75 cash and two credit cards.

Walker man arrested for controlled substances
A 39-year-old Walker man was arrested following a traffic stop on Jan. 20 at the intersection of Highway 169 and 193rd Avenue.  He will be charged with controlled substance crimes along with driving after cancellation, Kluntz said.

Woman arrested for DWI after welfare check
A  42-year-old Elk River  woman was arrested for DWI after officers responded to a welfare check on Jan. 19 at a residence in the 17000 block of Grant Court.

Police learned that the woman had left for the 10500 block of 175th Avenue and they went there and arrested her there.

Fraud attempted against Elk River widow
A 37-year-old Elk River woman reported on Jan. 18 that she had found out a person had opened fraudulent accounts in her late husband’s name.

Her husband had died Dec. 12 and someone opened a credit card with his name and attempted to open an account with a Web-based bank on Dec. 27. Investigators are following up on the case.