Driver’s licenses at the polls makes sense

Should you show your drivers license in order to vote? If you are in a hurry to vote, it certainly cuts down on the time spent at the polls. When someone asks your name, have they ever asked you to repeat it? Years ago I knew a good number of people in our ward, so when I would see them enter the polling site I would have located their name and would be pointing at the oath for them to read before they signed their name. There were times when there were long lines waiting to register, so we had the oath printed and passed down the line so that when they got to the register they just had to sign the register.

I heard of one judge who would ask to see their driver’s license. I decided that was a good idea because sometimes you misunderstand them, but with a glance at the driver’s license you have the correct spelling. At the last election there was a long line waiting for the polls to open, so I told them if they showed their driver’s license it would go faster.

At this point I really feel we should show the driver’s license or other form of ID. If you write a check and do not have your driver’s license number imprinted on the check they often ask for it. Often when you use your credit card they ask to see your driver’s license and sometimes ask for two ID’s. I guess it is better to be cautious. It is ridiculous to have to wait for a recount, which can take two or three months to see who has been elected. Recounts are costly. — Lola Driessen, Elk River