Rogers one-act comedy ‘Check, Please’ has fun with blind-date blues

Ethan York (right) can't get his blind date's (Jackie Morgan) attention, because the Bears game is on the radio. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

One disastrous blind date after another is the humorous¬† subject of Rogers High School’s entrant in the one-act play competition coming up Saturday.

“Check, Please,” by Jonathan Rand, was quite fun to watch in its dress rehearsal this past Thursday at Zabee Theatre in Elk River for friends and family.

Kate Stillman (right) is not enthralled by her smoothie blind date, played by Emily Falkowski, one of three girls playing guy roles. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Rogers performed last Saturday at the Mississippi 8 festival in Buffalo and will return to Buffalo on Saturday for the sub-section competition. Rogers goes up at 10 a.m. (followed by Elk River at 10:50). The top two among six will advance to Section 5AA a week later at STMA.

There were lots of laughs from the audience as the leads, played by Ethan York and Kate Stillman, the only “normal” characters, each cringing at a series of goofy set-up dates joining them at their respective cafe tables.

Katie thinks this one (Eric Peixoto) is too good to be true, and of course, he is (gay). (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Amanda Peterson and Gail Weber, first-time directors, coached a cast of 15 that gave funny characterizations without going overboard. The cast is supposed to be half male and half female but with a shortage of males, three girls played guys and did a good job and had fun with it.

The boys exasperating Kate were the cheery chap who didn’t listen to a word she was saying (Miles Peterson), the 14-year-old ditz in sneakers (Ashley York), the guy too good to be true who turned out to be a gay researching for a acting role¬† (Eric Peixoto), a creepy smoothie in sideburns (Emily Falkowski), and a dolt wearing a burlap sack and a wimpy hypochondriac (both played by Maria Frie).

Just when Ethan is wondering what next, a mime (Kaylin Robbins) with lots of issues shows up at his table. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


The girls driving Ethan batty are a Bears fan ignoring him and obsessing about the game she’s listening to (Jackie Morgan), a cutie who already has their baby names picked out (Vanessa Moen), an old lady with a walker (Loren Farkas), a pleasant-seeming blondie who turns out to be a kleptomaniac (Britta Larson), a pill-popping psycho screaming at imaginary friends (Alexa Gerber) and of course, a neurotic mime (Kaylin Robbins).

This marks the second time in three years that Rogers has opted for comedy at the one-act competition, where most schools go for heavy drama. Two years ago RHS did “The Test” about a high school class.


The cast gathers to take its bows. (Photo by Bruce Strand)