Downtown Elk River task force meets again

by Joni Astrup
Associate editor
A downtown Elk River task force is under way.
The group was reconvened in November and  will be meeting once a month for the next several months, according to Elk River Planning Manager Jeremy Barnhart.
The task force is being co-chaired by Stewart Wilson and Dana Anderson. Wilson is the Elk River Housing and Redevelopment Authority chairman and Anderson is a member of the Elk River Planning Commission.
The downtown task force’s mission is to complete the work originally authorized by the Elk River City Council in 2006 — to develop a comprehensive plan that will redefine the “greater downtown area” to preserve its historical character while promoting the future viability of the community, Barnhart said.
He said the plan will give property owners and stakeholders ideas that can be done that protect the culture and character of the area in anticipation of and response to anticipated changes over the next 20 years and beyond.
The city expects the public review portion of the downtown task force’s plan to occur in late spring, Barnhart said.
The task force had initially met several years ago but was put on hiatus in 2007 until the Minnesota Department of Transportation finished a plan for Highway 10 through downtown Elk River.
Current task force members are: Chad Wurm, Dana Anderson, Fred McCoy, Jean Lieser, Jerry Gumphrey, John Anderson, Keith Holme, Lance Lindberg, Larry Toth, Louise Kuester, Mike Niziolek, Molly Nadeau-Peterson, Nick Zerwas, Stewart Wilson, Mark Urista, Jim Hudson, Alan Sakry and Pat Dwyer. Eleven of those members also served on the original task force.