Basketball: Rogers girls nab a section win at Bemidji 53-44

The Rogers Royals added Bemidji to the schedule this year, with an eye toward their new section assignment, and defeated the Lumberjackets 53-44 in a Saturday matiinee up north.

Senior guard Emily Reichert — who has signed with Bemidji State — made a good first impression, leading the Royals with 16 points.

Jordyn Motter tallied 9 points, Courtney McClay 8, and Lindsay Dorr 7 as the Royals improved to 9-8.

Jess Yost netted 18 points and Cheyenne Woods 12 for Bemidji (10-7).

The Royals were moved up to Class 4A this year, and placed in 8AAAA. So far they’re 1-3 against section foes, losing to Elk River., St. Clud Tech and Bufalo. Two conference rivals, Buffalo and STMA, are in the same section.

Rogers will  host STMA on Tuesday.