Kaycee’s Hail Mary pass: Elk River youth pastor serenades Tim Tebow on You Tube


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Now that Tim Tebow’s football season has ended, the USA’s most eligible Christian bachelor presumably has more time for romance. And there’s a young lady of similar values in Elk River trying to get his attention.

“Ask me on a date, Tim Tebow,” sings Kaycee Robertson, youth pastor at Central Lutheran, with a flirty but wholesome smile, strumming a guitar, on a You Tube video she posted a week ago Tuesday evening — along with her twitter address — after writing it that morning.

Tim Tebow, Denver's intriguing Christian quarterback, is the object of Kasey's affections (and she's not alone).


Robertson penned a cute, three-verse song for the Denver Broncos quarterback three days after he passed for 316 yards to lead a playoff upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers, capping a two-month run of Tebowmania. By the next day You Tube viewers around the world were enjoying her earnest bid to intercept the QB’s heart, and she’s heard from many of them.

“It was just a goofy song I made up one day, so it’s been a huge surprise that so many people have seen it!” Robertson told the Star News.

You are … the quarterback for the Broncos
I am  … a youth pastor in hipster clothes
You’re good … at football and probably everything
I glanced …. and saw that you don’t have a wedding ring.

Tebow, as handsome as he is virtuous, and as inspirational as he is controversial, has attracted millions of devout admirers as the rare football hero who proudly and publicly proclaims both his virginity and his love of Jesus on a regular basis, along with millions of more secular fans who simply enjoy his many last-minute victories. He has also attracted hordes of skeptics, but that’s another story.

Predictably, many of Tebow’s fanciers are young and female, including such glamorous icons as singer Katy Perry and skier Lindsey Vonn, both recently single. So the competition is steep, but Robertson figures it’s going to be someone, so why not me?

You love … Jesus more than anything.
So I … got my roommates to all help me sing.
Ask me on a date  (and two chums chime in: Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow!
Ask me on a date  (Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow!

Charmed by her video, such web sites as ESPN, Fox Sports, MinnPost, Boston.com and KARE-11 have written about it.  KARE aptly dubbed the video as Kaycee’s “Hail Mary pass,” referencing the football  term for a long, go-for-broke throw against all odds.

Kaycee Robertson and friends making a pitch to Tim Tebow on YouTube.


MinnPost noted that If Tebow does connect with Robertson, he need not  worry about a long-term commitment,  because Robertson stated, “I’m not ready to get married at this point. But I would definitely say ‘yes’ to date and see where it goes from there.”
Then again, Robertson did sneak into her song something like a proposal.

ArryMay … Emay ImTay EbowTay
In pig latin … that is what I want to say
This song … is mostly for fun but I totally mean it
I’ll be here … next time you’re in MInneapolis
Ask me on a date (Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow
Ask me on a date  (Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow!

ESPN contacted Robertson, posted her video and wrote a piece on ESPN Page 2, including this segment: “She sees Tebow as a good match, in large part, because of their shared Christian faith. ‘I do want to go out with him because of his faith and his love for God. I work in ministry and, I, too, love Jesus. He shows his faith more than other athletes … and shows his faith beyond football,’ she said. ‘And he’s easy on the eyes.’ “

Robertson is a native of Twig, near Duluth, and Bethel College graduate, living in Minneapolis. Her eight roommates, include Jennifer Lind and Jill Miller, both in the video.

She has served Central Lutheran for two and a half years as Associate Director of Student Ministries. Along with Ryan Braley, she runs a Wednesday night program called “Echo” which usually draws around 200 kids. She oversees a sixth-grade program called “Rhythm.” The youth ministry runs multiple camps and trips with the help of volunteers. They have a student leadership group for grades 11-12 called “Impulse” and are just starting an after-school art studio called “Echo Studies.” Robertson also helps with Sunday worship.

Robertson is not normally that big a football fan except to cheer for the Vikings “because my whole family is die-hard crazy Viking fans.” Asked if she knows waht the Heisman Trophy (which Tebow won) is, she said, “Yes, but only  because of my dad and brothers.”

You love … Jesus and people and ministry
I love … that you love Jesus and people and ministry.

As for her chances of getting a response from her dream man, Tebow was asked by USA Today recently about the many electronic overtures he gets from admirers. He said: “Umm, good question. I am blessed to have a close-knit (group) around me. I’m not out there doing a lot of things. I guess it is one of the frustrating things where I am (in life). I love meeting and talking with people, socializing and hanging out. But people can read it the wrong way.”

We asked Robertson whether any other young men with potential popped up as a result of the video.

“I’ve gotten a few Facebook messages,” she revealed. “They’ve all been super nice. It’s been a fun week”

The youths in her charge got a kick out of it, too.

“Ya! All the kids and families (at church) have had a ton of fun with it.”

Asked if she writes about topics other than virtuous quarterbacks, she said, “Yes. Most of my songs are worship songs about the way Jesus has changed my life. I like to write silly ones once in a while, too.”

But she hopes this particular song will result in a nice pass from Tebow.

I know … that Denver is far away
I’d drive …13  hours to watch you play
I’ll think … you’re hot til I’m old and gray.
So I’ll say .. yes, I’ll say.
Ask me on a date (Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow
Ask me on a date  (Ask her on a date!) Tim Tebow!