Nordic Ski: Elk boys 7th, girls 14th at ABC Relays

Laura Crepeau of the Elks (18) ski's in the classic race. (Photo by Bill Jones)


The Elk River boys placed seventh and the girls 14th at the ABC Relays on Saturday at Theo Wirth Park, with schools fielding “A” and “B” teams.

In the boys competition, Roseville Area won with team time of 26:25 with Minnetonka second at 26:38. The Elks “A” had 28:53 and the “B” was 21st with 31:44.

In the girls competition, Stillwater was champion with 31:58 and Mounds Park Academy second with 32:30. The Elk “A: had  36:40 for 14th and the Elk “B” had 38:01 for 16th place.

Breck Hickman of the Elks ski's in the freestyle race. (Photo by Bill Jones)

In the classic boy race, Max Riebel led the Eks in 24th place with 7:38, with Nate Webster fifth (7:39), Ben Vichota 45th (8:30), and Ryan Trapp 49th (8:39).  The leader was Henry Sibley’s Eric Slater (6:20).

In freestyle, the Elk leader was Jake Schroeder in seventh place with 6:38, followed by Brett Hickman 15th (6:58), Tommy Como 26th (7:11), Joey Martin 33rd (7:24). The leader was Minnetonka’s Zach Goldberg (6:04).

In the girls classic race, Mallory Adams in 31st place with 9:49 led the Elks followed by Shannon White 34th (9:59), Maggie Hohlen 37th (10:10), and Laura Crepeau 38th (10:12). The leader was Kristen Bourne of Mounds Park Academy with 8:06.

In the girls freestyle race, Mary Elmquist of the Elks was 11th in 8:09, followed by Anna Haugen 18th (8:30), Brittany Dorn 35th (9:09), and Reece Hickman 70th (17:43). The leader was Kim Bourne of Mounds Park Academy with 7:30.