Star Tribune columnist to kick off ‘Out of Work’ series

Here is a look at the “Out of Work” series sessions. All four feature networking from 6 to 6:30 p.m. followed by the program from 6:30–7:30 p.m.

Living On Less:  Twenty Ways To Save More And Spend Less
Presented by John Ewoldt, Star Tribune columnist

Financial paralysis often sets in with the threat or the reality of job loss. Some individuals find it difficult to think of any ways to trim spending. To slow the spending stream, Ewoldt ticks off 20 ways to save on the food, budget, utilities, prescriptions, appliance and car repairs, service providers, insurance, entertainment and travel. Even when money is tight, you still need to incorporate small rewards into your budget.

•Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Handke Center, room 201, door 4.

You Are Entitled To  A Second Chance
Presented by Victoria Raphael, certified life coach and instructor at Metropolitan State University

Raphael is a certified life coach who believes that middle age brings a second chance to “get it right.” The “boomer” generation has access to “re-setting” life goals in ways their parents never imagined. Raphael’s focus is to inspire you to write the sequel to your past and make it “A Best Seller.” Through her coaching model, “The Inducement To take Action,” she will show you the four steps that she used to write the script for her own Act Two after unemployment. Join us! Your lifespan is still “half full.”

•Tuesday, Jan. 24 at the Handke Center, room 111, door 4.

Networking and The Hidden Job Market
Presented by Kayla Stai and Doni Deters, Minnesota School of Business

A large majority of people don’t enjoy networking, but know it is key to finding a job in the hidden market. Stai and Deters from Minnesota School of Business will show you how to make networking more comfortable and how to leverage both on-line and in-person networking to find and get jobs. Come prepared to have traditional job-searching techniques challenged and learn how the job market functions today.

•Tuesday, Feb. 21 at the Handke Center, room 111, door 4.

Discover Your Value
Presented by Alan Hill

It’s not about the money. It’s not about your skills. If you think your job skills are valuable in today’s market, you are mistaken. Come and find out what employees really value and how to communicate it. You’ll get personal coaching right in class to develop your own personal value message.

•Tuesday, Feb. 28 at the Handke Center, room 201, door 4.