Flooding at Beaudry Park to be addressed

The Otsego City Council  has authorized its public works department to complete improvements to the Beaudry Park drainage system next spring.

Beaudry Park has an area in the southeast portion of the park between the trail and the adjacent home owners that floods with water coming from a runoff and sump pumps.

The grading directs runoff over the trail, causing the surface of the trail to prematurely ravel and become slick, creating a safety hazard. A design for the drain tile system with some regrading will direct the runoff through drains to the storm pond located in the northern section of the park and eventually Otsego Creek.  The cost of this work is estimated at $15,000 and it will come out of the Otsego Creek Improvement Fund.

A thin lift overlay is also needed to cover the raveled area and isn’t included in that estimate, but should cost less than $5,000 for 500 feet of trail.