Dance team: Cathedral, Rogers, Zimmerman are 1-2-3 in conference kick meet

The Rogers Dance Team including Arista Metz, Jill Brinkman, Kayla Felber and Nicole Fricke performs in the conference meet at Monticello. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

St. Cloud Cathedral was the winner of the Mississippi 8 Conference high-kick meet on Monday evening in Monticello.

Rogers placed second and Zimmerman third among five teams. That’s the same order of finish as the jazz meet in December.

The Zimmerman Dance Team including MaKayla Luke (front) and Rayann Gabrielson performs. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The final conference meet will be held Jan. 21 at Rogers, with both jazz and high-kick.

Cathedral, which has been one of the top Class AA teams in the state for several years, and Zimmerman are not Mississippi 8 members in other sports but were accepted this year for dance team because some of the conference schools don’t have this activity.

The Cathedral Dance Team, with "Mr. Postman" theme, placed first. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Zimmerman was a Mississippi 8 member until this year and usually placed second behind Rogers. Zimmermman is now when a member of the Granite Ridge Conference in other sports but the GRC does not have dance team.

The Rogers Dance Team including (from left) Haley Von Bonk, Nandu Ganesh, Syd Schultz, Heather Kiber and Stef Ziebell performs. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Zimmerman also had a meet at Alexandria on Saturday where they placed fifth among 15 teams in jazz and 11th among 16 in high kick.

Rogers coach Megan David said the team has been performing well but competition is much keener this year.


Rachel Hodge and the Zimmerman Dance Team performs. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Rogers has won the Mississippi 8 for several years but is now behind newcomer Cathedral, which has won two state high-kick titles. In sectionals, Rogers was a state qualifier in Class 2A the last two years but is now in Class AAA, and their section includes Maple Grove and Wayzata, who’ve both won multiple state championships.

Zimmerman coach Jenessa Kraus said that it’s been an exciting year especially with the JV program expanding to include high-kick for the first time.