Nordic Ski: Elk teams are making good progress, and eager for snow

Jake Schroeder, the Elk boys leader, charged over a hilltop, with teammate Nate Webster trailing, at Elm Creek. (Photo by Bill Jones)


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

The Elk River-Rogers-Zimmerman Nordic Ski teams had a full conference meet on Tuesday at Elm Creek, which was their third outing of the season.

Regular-season ski meets are pretty low-key in the respect that the teams go home without knowing who won the meet or where theirĀ  own team placed. NotĀ  until a few days later does someone tally up the points, in case anyone cares. At conference and sectionals, though, the standings are computed right away.

Mary Elmquist (middle) was the Elks fourth skiier into the chute. (Photo by Bill Jones)

All the NWSC teams were on hand at Elk Creek, where the brown winter turf is covered with artificial snow.

“Usually these meets are four or five meets,” said Elk coach Kirsten Anderson, “but nobody else has snow, so all the teams come.”

Each team records their own times and turns them in.

For the Elk boys, the top five in the 5K classic race were Jacob Schroeder (14:52), Nathan Webster (15:21), Breck Hickman (15:29), Max Riebel (15:38) and Ryan Trapp (16:31).

“The boys team is looking very strong,” noted Anderson, “with our top four really pushing to stretch things out and take advantage of any time on snow we can get.”

For the Elk girls, the top five were Reece Hickman (19:00), Mallory Adams (19:02), Shannon White (19:04), Mary Elmquist (19:26) and Laura Crepeau (19:52).

“Our girls team is starting to really show their promise and after graduating so many last year,” said Anderson. “They are filling in the gaps and stepping up in all areas. ”

Anderson said her team, like all the rest, is eager or more time on snow. The next scheduled meet is Jan. 19 at Elm Creek.