What did (free) train riders expect

I have just read two letters to the editor in the Saturday, Dec. 17 paper regarding the Northstar rail line.

I am amazed how easily people can complain about the train being full for the Holidazzle. What did they expect? It was free and the weather was good.

Just imagine how the people who PAY every day to ride the train to commute downtown to their jobs and didn’t get on felt.

They are they ones paying for the train to even be in service.

It frustrates me that those of us who ride the train regularly and pay extra to do so get no extra consideration when these “free events” come up.

We stand in line for the Twins and Vikings games and special events just like the ones who don’t pay for it, but they expect when they decide to use the train for a free ride there should be plenty of room for them to ride.

Let them pay and then maybe Northstar can purchase more trains. ­— Susan Graham-Wicklund, Elk River