Northstar stepped up to challenge

Northstar rail stepped up to the challenge. The challenge of “Getting all to the Holidazzle, Sat., Dec. 17.”

As my family arrived at Big Lake Station the 3 p.m., six-car train (I think it was six, it may have been more), was boarding. As it pulled away, the platform still had many people, about half capacity. Another six-car (again I think it was six) Northstar, added to the schedule since the previous Saturday, waited on the siding and promptly pulled into place. The second train was quite capable of taking us all on. I believe I saw the 5:30 train waiting on the siding to take its appointed turn.

As we traveled along the Northstar’s scheduled route it picked up more passengers in Elk River, Anoka and Coon Rapids. It did bypass Fridley Station because of reaching full capacity. As we went through the different stations we saw several buses with their marquees marked SPECIAL. I suspect they were there ready and waiting to handle the possible overflow of passengers.

The one return train the previous Saturday at 8 p.m. was added to with a 7:30 and 7:45.

My kudos to the Northstar management. — Cindy Roberts, Elk River