Writer gives district bad grade on its teaching of history

The failure of our educational system is no secret to anyone that’s not a part of it.

Today, I learned a missing piece of U.S. history that seems to have eluded our overworked and underpaid teachers.

Did you know that there were eight presidents before George Washington?

Why don’t our gleaming ISD 728 teaching professionals know this? Or, if they do know it, not teach it?

George Washington signed many documents with a “United States” letterhead.

“The United States” is a private corporation whose stockholders have forever been kept a secret. “The United States of America” and “The United States” are two separate entities.

Many historians question the motives of George Washington, especially after he and Alexander Hamilton chartered the “First United States bank” in 1791; this bank was fully under control of “Rothschild devil worshipers,” and was again repeated to finance the war debt of “1812” in 1815.

Generating war debts, and then financing to pay them off, is a formula that’s been repeated eight times since 1791 (present Mideast wars included).

Failure to educate has been a critical part in keeping America uninformed, and our failed ISD 728 school district is no exception. — Mat Eicher, Elk River