Elmer L. Andersen legacy still alive at ECM Publishers

Congratulations to Jim Boyle on winning the Elmer L. Andersen Community Service Award.

The revival of the 4th of July celebration is a good example of how effective a leader Jim is. He saw the need for an event to bring the community together and quietly went to work. He contacted individuals, civic organizations and businesses about their willingness to support the fireworks. He organized volunteers, raised money and created a buzz of excitement.  The resulting fireworks shows have been an overwhelming hit.

I thought I knew most of Jim’s community service activities, but the article listed quite a few more.

I also commend Jim and the Star News for their support of local businesses and events. He and his staff have their hands on the pulse of the community and are always around with their cameras and note pads.

The Elmer L. Andersen Community Service Award has a lot of meaning because he truly modeled community service. I got to know Gov. Andersen after he bought the Star News. One day I mentioned to him that my son, Ben’s, class at Parker School was doing a special project on Charles Lindberg. I knew Mr. Andersen was a personal friend of Charles Lindberg so I asked him if he would talk to these fifth-graders.

I really didn’t expect him to say yes, but this former governor of Minnesota and chairman of a Fortune 500 company showed up at Parker Elementary School a week later and gave the kids a first-hand history lesson on Charles Lindberg. That fifth-grade son of mine is now a father of two and next door neighbor to Jim Boyle.

Again, congratulations Jim.   You are a great example of Gov. Andersen’s legacy. —Patrick Dwyer, Elk River