Collegian says he’s thankful for impact of his teachers

As a college student, I have learned that in order to go to college, one has to prepare, and that preparation does not come through taking the “easy classes” or ignoring homework.

Through high school at Elk River, I was taught by many different teachers. They taught me how to be diligent and to do assignments I really did not want to do. I cannot thank the teachers I have had enough for that, because once I stepped on to Bethel’s campus, I realized my professors were not going to hold my hand and offer extra help with my homework; I had to become independent.

I have had many great teachers at Elk River High School, and I will never forget them as I plan to become a teacher myself. It was because of classes I took in high school that helped me decide my career path, and I look to my past teachers as role models as I plan to enter a field that is not the easiest.

After getting to college, I have also learned that teachers do not fail students, students fail classes. Teachers all over the country are offering help and giving up their own free time to stay late or come in early to help students that are struggling. I was a student that took that for granted, and did not take enough advantage of it.

I thank the teachers that I have had, because they have helped shape me into the student that I am. Not only have they done that, but they have helped me become a much better person. — Sam Pouliot, Elk River