Maher trades meteorology for kinesiology

by Briana Sutherland
Contributing writer

Dustin Maher is a 2002 Elk River graduate who had original dreams of becoming a meteorologist. But after enrolling in college he realized he wanted to help make a bigger impact on people’s lives than just telling them what to wear for the day.

Dustin Maher

“I wanted to help make what they wore for the day a couple sizes smaller,” said Maher.

Once Maher switched his major over to kinesology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he thought of his mother and how she didn’t find time to put herself first.

“She was very selfless,” said Maher and the more he thought of his mother he knew what he had to do. Maher believes mothers are the backbone of the home and have the most control over their children’s eating habits. Mothers ideally should teach their children how to cook and eat less processed whole foods, but some mothers don’t know how to achieve that.

Overall, he said he wanted to create information and a program that he wishes his mother had when she was raising him and his siblings.

Book was authored by a 2002 Elk River graduate

“Moms are the most under-appreciated and overworked people and if I can help serve them in such a capacity I feel very happy and fulfilled,” he said.

So Maher created a fitness program that was affordable, got moms in shape and allowed them to connect with each other. His programs are based off of his over four years of studying exercise science and nutrition. Maher has trained over 5,000 clients and is continually adjusting his programs to get the best results in the least amount of time, with the lowest chances of injury.

After graduation he designed a class called MamaTone, which was designed like a boot camp. Free childcare was provided and his classes grew rapidly. Working moms wanted the option of an early morning class so they could participate like their stay-at-home-mom friends. So Maher created Fit Fun Boot Camps and after a couple of years of great success with this program, it expanded into 11 locations and is one of the largest non-franchised boot camp programs in the nation.

Requests came from around the world for eating and exercise plans, as news spread of the positive results women were getting from his program. Maher then created 28 different workout DVDs that have sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.

Maher kept getting feedback that his clients wanted a book.

“I have had this book in my heart and mind for three years, and I am so excited for it to be finally coming out to the public,” Maher said.

His program, Fit Moms for Life, is a five-part system that is designed to look at a person as a whole and breaks down how to achieve ultimate health and fitness and maintain that for the rest of a person’s life.
The program begins by talking about mindset and offers techniques and exercise that a person can do to shift their mindset about nutrition, exercise and their overall health.

The program goes on to address how a person’s environment affects how fit they are and offers specific strategies to find new, positive healthy support. Nutrition is addressed and Maher designed a simple nutrition plan that eliminated many common misconceptions people have about healthy eating.

His book then goes into why resistance training is the best type of workout for body transformations and he concludes his book with a specific type of cardio that burns up to nine times more fat that traditional cardio exercise.

“This isn’t another how-to book; it contains 31 stories of some of my clients, most losing 30–100 pounds each,” said Maher. “The before-and-after pictures along with their story in their own words is so powerful.”

Maher has been on approximately 100 television shows with dreams of hosting his own show in the future. He has an immediate goal to help 1 million mothers by the end of 2015 through his Fit Moms for Life programs with help from community groups that have sprung up all over the nation. These groups are mothers who exercise with friends with his DVDs. His overall goal is to have 14,000 community groups by the end of 2015, one for every McDonald’s in America.

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