Landry Chiropractic expands and moves to new spot

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

Landry Chiropractic is expanding and has moved into its new location between Nassau Pools and the National Guard in Elk River.

Plans have been made for a Dec. 10 grand opening between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Dr. Pete Landry has been running his chiropractic business in Elk River since 2001.

Among the more common ailments he sees regularly are headaches and neck pain.

“Most people deal with their pain until it begins to impact their daily lives,” Landry says. “Once it starts preventing them from doing ordinary tasks, they seek help.”

Landry Chiropractic offers a wide range of services to help patients with their pain. One of Landry’s preferred method is called the Graston Technique.

“I use this technique to help break up scar tissue in the muscles,” he explains, “making the ‘hands-on’ adjustment more effective.”

He adds that it also means patients don’t need to come back as often. “If a chiropractor can loosen and relax muscles and joints, that makes the whole process much more effective,” he says, “so we always try to focus on this aspect before any other procedures.”

Other techniques Landry Chiropractic utilizes include a percussor and mild electrical stimulation therapy to help relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

Landry’s mission as a chiropractor is very personal and originates from his years in junior high when his mother was in a car accident.

“I saw the whole process from beginning to end,” he says. “My mother was in intense pain for over a year. She’d come home from work and go straight to bed every night because she couldn’t cope with the pain.”

Landry says this all changed when she went to see a chiropractor. Less than one month after starting treatments, he says her pain dropped drastically and she was able to start enjoying life again.

As if this experience wasn’t enough, Landry had a diving accident as a lifeguard at Blaine High School where he injured his neck.

“It was so bad I couldn’t study at school without intense headaches and neck pain,” he says, “but when I saw a chiropractor, I was back to normal in no time.”

This led him to want to know more and he soon recognized chiropractic as his vocation.

Currently, Landry Chiropractic is offering complimentary orthopedic and support scans for patients. Landry explains that these scans measure the three-arched structure of a patient’s foot to balance the entire body. “A lot of pain can be caused by having insufficient arch support for your feet,” he adds, “because it affects your lower back and posture, leading to potentially crippling headaches.”

Landry Chiropractic also offers a wide range of supplements and multivitamins to help boost the immune system, which Landry says is especially important this time of year.

Landry Chiropractic has added two massage therapists to the staff and also has two massage chairs in the lounge to help patients loosen up and relax before and after their appointment.

“Sometimes that’s all my patients need,” Landry laughs, “and I tell them to just come down, have a cup of coffee, loosen up and see where they’re at.”

Landry Chiropractic is located at 586 Dodge Ave., Suite D in Elk River. For more information call 763-635-4429 or visit