District’s priorities questioned

Elk River School District’s despicable witch hunt against Todd Jesperson is another example of why the public school education system is a dismal failure to education of today’s young people.

The public attack against my brother, Todd Jesperson, is a shining example of just how far overpaid school administrators and people looking to capitalize by conjuring up falsehoods and hysteria utilizing tax payers’ dollars can get. This should serve as a “wake-up” call to the homeowners of Elk River of what a waste of money they are doling over to the Elk River school district. My brother’s integrity is intact, as is his support from his family and friends because he didn’t lower himself to unfounded innuendo that seems to be the trash talk that sells newspaper and make the local news in Elk River, Minnesota.

How unfortunate for people of the Elk River school district that their children’s education won’t have decent educators like my brother available, as it is clear that the school administration is only concerned about listening to the undisciplined teenagers.

This article just reiterates one fact that the Elk River school district’s real intent is not the priority of quality education for the taxpayer’s children but continuing to spout out unproven and unsubstantiated facts. — Janet L. Louks (Jesperson), Edgewood, Minn.