Credit goes to city finance guy for debt levy paydown

In the Nov. 26 edition of the Star News I was given credit for a plan to use $250,000 from the landfill expansion fund to pay down the debt on the police and fire station. This action would lower our debt levy to our citizens, thus lowering the proposed increase to the 2012 tax rate to 4 percent.

While it may have been my plan to use the money from the expansion fund to help keep the tax rate down, it was Finance Director Tim Simon who came up with the idea to use the money to pay down the debt levy. The council did not like my idea of putting the money directly into the general fund. Either plan affects the tax rate. The council liked Tim’s idea much better than mine.

This is just another example of the excellent work done by our staff at the city of Elk River. They are a dedicated group, one that provides great service to our citizens. — Elk River Mayor John Dietz