Art for kids is aim of new Mystical Woods

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

Sisters Beth Averill and Sharon Mount will be celebrating the grand opening of their Mystical Woods Art Studio in Elk River from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dec. 10.

Beth Averill and Sharon Mount are the proud owners of Mystical Woods Art Studio in Elk River.

The studio offers quality art classes at an affordable price for all ages and accomplishments.

A home-schooling mother of five, Averill has been raising her children in Elk River for the past 12 years. She says she couldn’t find consistent art classes in the Elk River area for her children, so she reacted with true entrepreneurial spirit and launched Mystical Woods Art Studio.

The plan is to offer art classes for her family and other families in similar need. Drawing on her sister’s artistic talent, Averill asked her to become her business partner and lead the art classes.

“Sharon is a very accomplished artist and experienced in a wide range of media,” Beth said. “We both wanted to create a welcoming artistic environment that would sustain people’s creative development and encourage the arts in the community by helping people unlock their talents.”

Beth and Sharon grew up working for their family’s business, selling originally designed furniture and artwork. They gained extensive experience with the artistic tools available to them. Sharon grew up hand painting wood sculptures of animals, nativity scenes, historical figures, vintage dolls and seasonal items such as Santa Clauses, thoroughly researching each subject to capture their authenticity.

Beth helped sell the items, gaining experience in running a business. In 1993 she launched Interior Finishes, a residential and commercial painting company that specializes in interior painting. From this background, the sisters created Mystical Woods Art Studio to meet a need they saw in the community.

Mystical Woods offers classes in painting, drawing and sculpture during the day for home-schoolers, with classes in the evening and weekends for all ages. Classes for adults are also available.

“We just did a class with Girl Scouts who were earning their merit badges,” Beth added. “We’re also offering one for Boy Scouts and we even have classes for birthday parties and special events.”

The two sisters paint far beyond the inside of their studio. Sharon is currently painting a large mural of a baseball scoreboard at the new Elk River Youth Training Facility.

Visitors interested in discovering their artistic talent will appreciate the studio’s motto to “Get in touch with the creative force within.”

Mystical Woods Art Studio is located at 578 Dodge Ave., Suite D in Elk River. To learn more, visit