Elk River has plan to remove snow from weakened roof of downtown building

The city of Elk River has come up with a plan to take care of snow on the weakened roof of a city-owned building at 720 Main St. until the building can be demolished.

The city has contracted with B&B Sheet Metal and Roofing on a will-call basis for snow removal. B&B will be called to remove snow accumulation that exceeds four inches.

B&B will be paid $87 per hour per person for shoveling time and $175 per hour per crane (including operator) for snow removal. Elk River building official Bob Ruprecht said the crane would be used to remove snow from the roof. He said it’s impossible to throw the snow over the edge because of the high parapet. The crane would lift a bucket to the roof, where it would be filled with snow and lifted off. The snow would then be put in dump trucks or piled.

Concerns about failing roof trusses in 720 Main have prompted the city to seek quotes to demolish that building and the one next door at 716 Main (former Arts Alliance space). The two buildings are owned by the Elk River Housing and Redevelopment Authority.