Legion supporter list needs to grow

This letter is in part a comment on a letter to the editor from a few weeks ago, sent by Lola Driessen. That letter mentioned, among other things, that our Elk River Legion post is an asset to our community. That it is staffed by dedicated members of the community, for not only the good of our veterans, but the community at large.

The Elk River Legion post is not unique in the fact that we were and are going through some tough financial times. We are not alone in that aspect. Many local Legion posts have closed because of financial issues or lack of membership, community apathy, or any other related issues.

We at Post No. 112 have worked hard at “keeping the ship afloat” with many volunteers, community members and the business community, especially The Bank of Elk River, to weather the latest financial storm.

I wish I could state all our problems are behind us, but that would not be the truth; however, the future does look much brighter than it did a few months ago.

The future looks brighter because the community responded by attending our Friday night dinners, our Thursday night tacos and our Wednesday night soup and sandwich; or perhaps just to enjoy our bar.

Many people are reserving our halls for whatever activities they have in mind — ALL these help the post financially. We hope that attendance will continue to grow.

To sum all this up, without your support our post will fade away as many have. I do not want this to happen, as the community and veterans would suffer because of it.

There are people who may not even know where Post No. 112 is located. I will give you a short set of directions. It’s on the other side of the tracks or before the tracks, depending on which way you are heading, just off Highway 10 on Main Street in downtown Elk River.

Thanks to all of you for your support and I hope we will see many more of you at our dinners and post functions in 2012. — Tom Kulkay, vice commander, Elk River Post No. 112