Include plans to make it home safe

It’s the time of year where families start to finalize their holiday menus, activities and for some, maybe even a seating chart; however, as I talk to family and friends, a plan for a sober ride home isn’t on their check list. So I ask myself, why is that? Why in an age where people plan things right down to who will sit where, do they not include a plan for making it home in one piece?

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported 3,743 alcohol-related crashes occurred in 2010, which resulted in 2,485 injuries and 131 deaths. That means 131 wives, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, and friends were killed because someone didn’t make a plan to get home safely.

I’ve recently been working with local peace officers on various committees and have learned how much they truly care about your safety.

The national drunk driving ad campaign, “Over the Limit. Under Arrest.” doesn’t exactly exemplify their caring attitude, but is more of a scare tactic, which is unfortunate because I believe more people would understand the true motives of peace officers if this ad campaign displayed the passionate and caring attitudes of our local peace officers.

As of Nov. 15, 303 total road fatalities have occurred in Minnesota in 2011. Don’t allow someone in your family to contribute to this death count because someone didn’t put planning a sober ride home on their holiday checklist. — Kayla Stai, member, Safe