Zimmerman play “Annie” is fun viewing; one more performance left

Zach Rapf as Daddy Warbucks and Reilly Hockert as Annie get ready to celebrate Christmas and her adoption. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

The Zimmerman High School musical “Annie” has had two performances so far and there’s one more chance to see it, Sunday at 2 p.m. It’s a fun play with some fine characterizations such as freshman Reilly Hockert as the plucky, freckled, 11-year-old orphan, Zach Rapf with a shaved head and convincing air of authority as kindly billionaire Daddy Warbucks, Maranda Berndt as the mean but funny orphanage director Miss Hannigan, Sylvia Michels as the Warbucks’ efficient and sympathetic assistant Grace, Vince Snyder with a perfect mug and easy charm to play the conniving Rooster and Sam Jorgenson as his airhead gal Lily. Funny lines include Miss Hannigan griping about the attention Annie is getting: “Next thing you know they’ll make a MUSICAL about her!” and Annie, when being shown Warbucks home, asking, “Is this really where you live or is this a train station?”  It’s a rare play with both a live dog (playing Annie’s stray pal Sandy) and a president (Andrew Vey as Franklin D. Roosevelt).

Vince Snyder as Rooster, Maranda Berndt as Miss Hannigan and Sam Jorgenson as Lily sing "Easy Street" while plotting to scam Daddy Warbucks. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


The orphans sing "Fully Dressed." (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Marissa Luing, Carly Nelson, and Jasmine Carr as the Boylan Sisters radio singers, doing "Fully Dressed." (Photo by Bruce Strand)



Andrew Vey as FDR, with his aides. (Photo by Bruce Strand)Sandy the dog, with Grace (Sylvia Michels), Annie and Warbucks. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Sandy the dog, with Annie, Warbucks and Grace (Sylvia Michels).