Police Report: tires slashed, scam averted, stolen vehicle burned

by Jim Boyle

Thieves take it out on tires, vehicles
Elk River police took a report of criminal damage to property in the 1200 block of School Street after a 23-year-old Elk River male reported to officers he had a tire slashed. The male victim also reported that his CB radio was stolen from the vehicle as well.

While taking another damage to property report, an Elk River officer noticed tires slashed on another car. The victim was determined to be a 22-year-old Elk River woman.

There are no suspects at this time for either of these cases.

There were several other damage to property and motor vehicle tampering reports taken Nov. 13 in the 11000 block of 191st 1/2 Avenue and the 300 block of Evans Avenue. In another instance, Elk River police were called at about 2:30 p.m. Nov. 13 to 1105 Lions Park Dr. on a report of property damage in progress. A male party with longer hair reportedly was seen slashing a tire on the driver’s side of a truck before leaving eastbound on School Street in a white or silver sports car.

Woman, 44, cited for theft at Walmart
A 44-year-old Ramsey woman was cited for theft on Nov. 13 after she allegedly took several items from Walmart in Elk River.

Arrest in parking lot easy after complaint
A 20-year-old Rogers man was arrested for DWI after someone reported a vehicle was crossing both the center and fog lines along Highway 10 at varying speeds. Contact was made with the driver at Beaudry Express in Elk River about 9 p.m. Nov. 12. The driver, who has one prior DWI, was cited for second-degree DWI.

Unattached garage removed from home
Elk River police took a report of an unattached garage being removed from a property along 213th Avenue that had been foreclosed. They were contacted Nov. 12 by a ReMax employee who had been contracted to deal with a foreclosed property.

Man cited for assault and fleeing police
Officers were called to Perkins in Elk River shortly before 3 a.m. Nov. 12 on a report of an assault. Upon arrival they learned that the suspect had fled the scene.

The suspect was later located at the Country Inn and Suites but fled from police, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

Officers eventually took the party into custody and held him for assault and fleeing an officer.

Dude, that’s my car you’re breaking into
A man staying at the Country Inn and Suites, 18000 block of Dodge Street, in Elk River on Nov. 12 looked out his hotel window to see someone leaning on his vehicle. As he looked on, someone started to strike their elbow against the driver’s side door. The hotel guest called police, and when they arrived two males fled on foot. A 21-year-old Elk River male was taken into custody and cited for motor vehicle tampering.

Garbage catches fire in ACE garbage truck
The Elk River Fire Department responded to a garbage fire near the intersection of 193rd Avenue and Holt Street on the afternoon of Nov. 11.

Contents inside an ACE garbage truck started on fire, and the driver stopped at the mentioned location and dumped the load on the roadway.

The fire department extinguished the blaze.

Police look for nailers after theft of tools
A 35-year-old Princeton man reported the theft of a construction trailer and the contents on the morning of Nov. 11 at a job site in the 9000 block of Viking Boulevard.

Taken overnight from a locked trailer was a large quantity of nailers, saws, compressors and other tools. The nailers were Paslode and Hitachi brand nailers. The loss has been estimated as at least $5,000.

Two sets of tennis shoe prints in the sandy soil were located as were a set of vehicle tracks.

Red-light runner tagged with DWI, too
A 25-year-old Elk River man was arrested for DWI, driving after suspension and a semaphore violation after an officer observed the motorist run a red light near the 14000 block of Ranch Road in Elk River. It was the driver’s third DWI in 10 years. He blew a .14.

Scam spotted and averted in Elk River
A 54-year-old Elk River man reported he received a check at his residence in the 18000 block of Xerxes Street via UPS from United Textiles after contacting the company for online work.

He said he was advised to cash the check, keep a portion for his services and wire the additional funds to an undisclosed individual. Upon further investigation, the man said he realized the incident was a scam and he called police.

The check was taken as evidence and the man was told to cease contact with the firm.

Police may acquire Chrysler Sebring
A 40-year-old Otsego man was arrested for DWI and violating a limited license after he passed out in a Chrysler Sebring in the parking lot of 1227 School St., Elk River. Police were called to the car Nov. 9, where they found the man passed out in the driver’s seat and open bottles of alcohol in the vehicle. He was arrested for second degree DWI after blowing a .207.

The vehicle was towed to the police department for possible forfeiture.

Vehicle turns up missing and burned
The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office responded on Nov. 9 to a vehicle fire call north of Elk River.

The license plates were noticeably missing from the burned 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The vehicle was traced back to a residence along Nixon Court in Elk River. The owner was unaware the vehicle had been stolen until police alerted him that it was found burned up.

The vehicle was last seen parked on the corner of 171st Lane and Nixon Court at 9 a.m. on Nov. 8.