Jesperson is loss to district

Another successful “witch-hunt” based on innuendo, hearsay, and a total lack of concern or procedural protections for teachers in the Elk River School District. I hope the district and the parents who put a good, decent man out of his job are now satisfied.

The most telling line of your article was that spoken by the illustrious Mr. Barnes, district “negotiator” and chief “inquisitor.” His entire “case” against Jesperson can be summed up in his one uttered sentence: “The thing we can’t prove is, what was the intent?”

We used to live in a country that not only protected individual rights to due process and equal protection of the law, but generally respected teachers as valued community servants.

As far as I’m concerned, my brother is far better off no longer being subject to the whims of a thankless “mob-society” that no longer wants men as teachers, except for in those opportune moments when a convenient “scapegoat” is needed.

Personally, you couldn’t pay me enough to be subjugated to the unwarranted slander, embarrassment, scrutiny and persecution that my brother and his family have had to face due to these false allegations. My brother and his family have senselessly suffered under the lash of an attack motivated by “political correctness” and an absolute refusal of anyone in school system to acknowledge the complete lack of procedural protections to deal with false allegations of harassment lodged against innocent teachers.
Time will ultimately reveal the consequences to our country and our children where this kind of fiasco goes unabated, and even “sanctioned” by the law. Nevertheless, an important “lesson” certainly has been learned by the kids at Zimmerman — that’s if they want to get rid of a teacher, for any reason, or none at all, here’s an easy way to do it.

It’s an absolutely pathetic and despicable commentary on contemporary school “politics” — it almost makes me “un-proud” to be an American to witness such a ridiculous misuse of time, money, and community resources — but, at the same time, immensely GRATEFUL for parents who taught my brother and myself to defend ourselves against lies and falsehood, no matter what the cost.

My brother will be fine, because he operates on the very principals that have been shown to no longer exist in the Elk River School District. Good luck, Mr. Barnes, finding a “replacement” for that.

With sincerest condolences to the Elk River School District for the loss of your integrity, — Mark A. Jesperson, Koror, Republic of Palau