Eleven candles on 11-11-11 for Nathan Kemna

by Briana Sutherland
Contributing writer

Nathan Kemna is a typical 10-year-old boy.

As a fifth-grade student at Otsego Elementary School, he likes his gym and math classes most.

Nathan Kemna likes hunting, sports and Scouts.

He keeps busy after school and on weekends with activities like karate, hunting, soccer and basketball. He’s also involved with Cub Scout Pack 90 as a second-year Webelos.

And like a lot of kids his age, he has siblings. Two in fact. Both are older.

What helps Nathan stand out is his birthday. Sure, all 10-year-olds are on the verge of turning 11 at some point. Kemna, however, will be turning 11 years old on 11-11-11.

It was about six months ago Nathan and his mother, Deb, realized his Golden Birthday would land on the unique date.
“Mom thinks it’s pretty cool,” said Nathan.

A birthday party is planned around his birthday at Pump It Up in Plymouth where between 15 and 20 of Nathan’s friends and family will spend the day jumping in a gigantic indoor arena filled with inflatable slides, bounce houses and obstacle courses. In between all the bouncing, sliding and running around there will be birthday cake.

Nathan’s special day also falls on Veterans Day.

He and his classmates and fellow scouts, however, will have already taken care to recognize veterans by then.
Since there’s no school on 11-11-11, his school took time to honor veterans yesterday (Nov. 4).   Nathan and his fellow pack members dressed in full uniform that day during school. His Cub Scout pack held a ceremony yesterday afternoon at Otsego City Hall to raise a new flag.

This coming Friday will be all about Nathan turning 11. That it falls on 11-11-11 doesn’t seem to faze Nathan as much as it does others, but it’s sure to be one of his more memorable childhood birthdays. It will be the shiniest of Golden Birthdays.