Legislators won’t accept sales tax without a public vote

by T.W. Budig
ECM Capitol Reporter
Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday, Nov. 1 issued a statement regarding the Vikings’ stadium in which he said Republican and Democratic legislative leaders have indicated to him that there is not enough support in their respective caucuses to exempt either the city of Minneapolis nor Ramsey County from enacting a sales tax increase without first holding a voter referendum.
“Last Friday’s meeting was very significant in eliminating one proposed source of financing for a People’s Stadium in either Ramsey County or Minneapolis, unless the Vikings are willing to endure the time delay and continuing uncertainty in obtaining voters’ approval,” Dayton said.
“Given this reality, we are now actively assessing and discussing with the team other financing options,” Dayton said.
He has been proposing to call a special legislative session shortly before Thanksgiving dedicated to finding a stadium solution.
A number of area lawmakers recently indicated that indeed they wanted a referendum.