Halloween: A pumpkin monster and a trick or treat float

John Jarmoluk's pumpkin monster.

Teen carves pumpkin monster

John Jarmoluk, 14, of Elk River carved this jack-o’-lantern for Halloween. He said it’s a pumpkin monster eating another pumpkin, which is screaming.
“I just kind of went with the flow,” he said, explaining his creation.
He is the son of Jeff and Sharon Jarmoluk.

Neighbors make Halloween float

Neighbors living near the Elk River Library decorated this trailer and used it to trick or treat on Halloween.
Sharon Bissen said they started out intending to put a couple hay bales on the trailer but “it blossomed into this Halloween float.”
Nine kids — including Bissen’s grandson Brody — and 20 adults rode the float around the area when the kids went trick or treating.

This trailer was decorated for Halloween.

“The kids just had a ball,” Bissen said.
They stayed warm, too. Not only was the trailer decked out for the holiday, it was equipped it with portable heaters.
Plans are already underway for next year.