Pumped Up: Hundreds turn out for free pumpkins and free fun at Otsego’s annual pumpkin patch event

More than 800 pumpkins were plucked from the ground at last weekends Otsego Pumpkin Patch festival. The winners from guess the pumpkin’s weight were: Finland Kumeula, who guessed 66.4 pounds and the actual weight was 66, and Brooklyn Udee, who guessed 79.5 pounds with an actual weight of 79 pounds.

Dorothy and Toto, played by a young Otsego girl and a stuffed animal, had fun.
Three-year-old Kalen Rentner picks his perfect pumpkin.
Lily Glenn ran around in her dog costume looking for the perfect pumpkin.
Participants in this year’s Otsego Pumpkin Patch event took a chance at guessing the weight of a giant pumpkin.