Police Report: Pepsi in gas tank, gun waving, furnace stolen, threat from Crips

Police investigate  burglary after call
A radio call on the afternoon of Oct. 22 from the Anoka Police Department has turned Elk River police loose on a burglary case.
The Anoka department asked Elk River to check a business in an attempt to locate information on a vehicle, which was involved in a crash.
The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office reported the owner of the vehicle lived in Zimmerman and stated the vehicle was at the mentioned business getting worked on.
On arrival, Elk River police located the south front entrance door glass to the business smashed out. The building was searched and found to be clear.
The business owner reported the crashed vehicle was stolen from the business and he was also missing $1,700 in cash from a lock box.
There was also a John Deere L111 riding mower with glass on it parked near the window that came from an unknown location. The riding mower was towed to the police department until the owner is located.

Damage done to car in church parking lot
Elk River police took a report of a vehicle being damaged while it was parked at Abiding Savior Church between 3 and 5 p.m. Oct 22.
The owner noticed the next day several small dimples on his hood, windshield and passenger side. The damaged appeared to be from a shotgun. Photographs were taken of the damage.

Landlord reports furnace stolen
A landlord in the 19000 block of Dodge Street in Elk River reported the theft of a furnace Oct. 22. Tenants at the location who had been evicted by the courts are suspected in the alleged theft and damage to property case.
Upset temp poured Pepsi in gas tank
A temporary employee showed up to work in the 10000 block of 175th Avenue in Elk River on the evening of Oct. 19 and when asked to leave, the suspect keyed an employee’s vehicle and poured a bottle of Pepsi in the gas tank and left on foot.

Littering spotted, addressed in stop
While working the CRASH/seat belt detail on Oct. 19, an Elk River officer observed two lit cigarettes being thrown out of a vehicle. One came from the driver’s side, and the other came from the passenger side of the car as the officer trailed in the eastbound lane of Main Street.
Both the driver and passenger admitted to littering. They said they did it because their vehicle did not have an ash tray.  Both driver and passenger were cited for littering.

Gun waving incident resulted in citation
Elk River police took a report of a male waving a gun at someone Oct. 29.  The suspect was later located and admitted he held up an Airsoft pistol after the victim exited his vehicle during a traffic altercation in the area of Freeport Avenue and School Street in Elk River.  The male was cited for disorderly conduct.

Threat from Crips being investigated
Elk River police are investigating an Oct. 19 report that a group of individuals claiming to be members of the Crips gang threatened to beat up a local youth. Contact has not yet been made with the suspects.

Canine search results in a few citations
A recent and regular K9 search of Elk River High School resulted in several citations for possession of tobacco, alcohol and drug paraphernalia. The search was conducted on Oct. 19.

Bike stolen from unsecured garage
A complainant reported that someone between 4 p.m. Oct. 15 and 1 p.m. Oct. 16 entered an unsecured garage and stole her son’s bike in the 20000 block of York Street in Elk River.  The bike is described as a Haro freestyle/BMX-style bike, burnt orange or brownish red in color, black seat and black handle bars, and pegs on the rear axle.