Act of kindness meant a lot to her

I would like to follow up on Mr. Vern Wehage’s letter (Oct. 22) regarding  “Act of kindness made vet’s day.”
I was the cashier who completed that transaction at Walmart.  As I silently watched these two strangers interact — I was truly touched. Not only did this woman graciously offer to pay for his purchase, she had to convince the proud Mr. Wehage to accept.
I see good people behaving badly on a daily basis. The effects weigh heavy on the heart and at times are overwhelmingly defeating.
I don’t know your name either,  but on those days when I see too much bad — I hold close the memory of the day I experienced first-hand the power of an act of kindness.  I, too, thank you very much. —  LeAnn M. Kreager, Zimmerman