Dan and Doris Anderson win volunteer recognition

by Joni Astrup

Associate editor

Dan and Doris Anderson of Elk River have been selected as the city of Elk River’s first Volunteer of the Month.
They were recognized at the Monday, Oct. 17, Elk River City Council meeting. Mayor John Dietz told about each of their contributions.
Dan Anderson served 47 years on the Guardian Angels board, going back to its beginning. In the three years since, he is still active at Guardian Angels, making him involved there for 50 years.
He and Doris have also donated a grand piano to Guardian Angels.
In addition, Dan served as George Washington or Ben Franklin at the Fourth of July celebration in Elk River for 14 years.
They put up flags around Elk River on Flag Day and have given away many U.S. flags, including at the 2011 Elk River Independence Day celebration.
Doris had a dress shop in downtown Elk River for many years. She ran several fashion shows out of her clothing store, with proceeds going to charity.
She also donated clothes to seniors at the high school for prom and graduation.
Doris came up with the idea for the July 4th celebration put on by the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce, and she worked the event for many years.
Dietz said to this day they are still volunteering to make Elk River a better place.
Dan Anderson told Dietz they are “greatly honored” by the Volunteer of the Month recognition.

Elk River Mayor John Dietz (center) presented Doris and Dan Anderson with their Volunteer of the Month award.