Bust buckthorn in month of October

Now that October is upon us it is time to check your property to see if you have any buckthorn growing there. It is easy to spot, as it stays dark green well into November. It grows as bushes and/or small trees. It would be very neighborly if you would get rid of your buckthorn berry plants first.

The main way it is spread is through the berries carried by birds and then deposited on the ground. You can cut and treat the stump with glysophate or round-up brush be gone. You can also spray without cutting. Get some garlon and spray around the base of the plant. This can be done well into the winter.

Elk River is infested with buckthorn. Knollwood, Brentwood and Ridgewood are just a few areas where it is thick. A good example can be found by driving east on 197th N.W. from the BP station on Highway 169 to Smith Street.

If we manage our property and maintain it each fall, we could easily manage buckthorn. The berries are viable for five years, so it is important to check every year and it is much easier to do in October and November. Every little bit helps. — Guenther Sagan, Elk River