Police report: man arrested 3 times, red light runner, man flees and cops weren’t after him

by Jim Boyle


Elk River Police had run-ins with the same man three times over the course of a one-week period.

The 19-year-old Buffalo man was cited on Sept. 29 on drug offenses. Officers that night were called to the area of 183rd Avenue and Yankton Street for a suspicious vehicle.   Upon investigating, they cited the man with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

Elk River Police called on a report of a suspicious vehicle about midnight on Oct. 2 in the 19500 block of Carson Street. In this instance they cited 15- and 16-year-old girls for underage drinking and the 19-year-old for contributing to the delinquency of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors. He was taken into custody for this offense.

Then on Oct. 5 he was cited for an outstanding Wright County warrant and taken into custody again.

Man flees even though cops weren’t after him

Elk River Police went into the Elk River American Legion on Sept.  30 looking for a suspect in a domestic assault.

While checking the interior of the business, officers were advised a man had fled out the back door. Officers pursued this lead.

An officer spotted a man hiding behind an AC unit who matched the description police were given. He ran and police gave chase.

Officers chased him and he eventually stopped and gave up, according to Kluntz.

After handcuffing and identifying the man it was determined that he was not the suspect the police had been searching for.

It was instead an Otsego man in his 50s. The police had no reason to hold the man.

The man was warned at the scene about fleeing, but no charges against him are expected to be filed.

“He simply got scared when he saw the officers and ran away,” Kluntz concluded.

BNC burglary being investigated by police

Elk River Police responded Oct. 2 to a report of a burglary that occurred overnight at GNC, 19112 Freeport St.

Entry had been gained through the back door and an unknown suspect or suspects took some rolls of coins from the cash register. Some energy drinks had been knocked onto the floor and the cash register counter had been moved.

Cash taken from  unlocked vehicle

A 33-year-old Elk River woman reported on Oct. 2 the theft of cash from her unlocked vehicle in the 11900 block of 192nd Avenue.

Chemical bombs still being found locally

An Elk River resident in the 18200 block of Trott Brook Parkway reported on Oct. 2 finding the remnants of two chemical “bombs” in their front yard.  He suspected they went off between 2 and 3 a.m. that morning. No damage was found.

Similar reports came from people in the 10000 block of 176th Lane and the 18000 block of Rawlins Street.

Coon Rapids woman fell into burning fire pit

A 66-year-old Coon Rapids woman was injured after falling into a backyard firepit about 1 a.m. on Oct. 2.

The woman had risen from  her chair, but lost her balance and fell forward into the fire pit and sustained burns to the left side of her face and hands. She was airlifted to HCMC  and hospitalized for her burn-related injuries.

Friend’s laptop stolen during bank errand

A 35-year-old Elk River man reported a laptop computer stolen from his vehicle while he was in the Wells Fargo Bank. The man had gone into the bank to cash a check between 11:50 a.m. and 12:21 p.m. on Oct. 1 and someone allegedly took the computer from the front passenger seat of an unlocked vehicle.

The computer belonged to his friend. Bank employees plan to check surveillance video for evidence of the crime.

AC unit, copper taken from vacant business

A vacant business building in the 17300 block of Highway 10 was the scene of an air conditioning unit theft.

Also taken were some copper pipes, according to a complainant who stated on Sept. 30 he believes the theft  occurred during the past few weeks.

Student reports iPhone stolen while at school

An Elk River High School student reported that his iPhone was stolen from his backpack at school on Sept. 30.

Menards suspects theft from its yard

Menards reported on Sept. 30 that someone allegedly hid merchandise in the bargain area of the store in the outside yard and then proceeded to drive to the yard for other merchandise and loaded the merchandise that had not been purchased.

The vehicle the male came in was checked but it is believed te stolen merchandise was hidden.

Machine catches fire at Sportech plant

Elk River Police and Fire were called to  Sportech on the afternoon of  Sept. 30 when a piece of machinery caught fire inside the business.

The fire had already been extinguished by the time police and fire arrived, but two individuals approached officers to say they were feeling lightheaded and having difficulty breathing.

First aid was administered and Elk River Ambulance was called to further assess. Both parties signed off on transport.

RR red light runner cited on drug charges

A 31-year-old Otsego man was cited for driving after suspension, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after an officer stopped him for running red lights at a railroad crossing at Jackson Avenue.