Month of October set aside to take a stand against domestic violence

We invite you to take a stand against domestic violence.  October has been designated National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so we at Rivers of Hope encourage readers to learn more about how to end family violence.  Please visit

Domestic violence is a problem that is too often kept quiet, or ends with devastating results.

The human cost is staggering.  This year, 15 women, 2 children and 1 man have lost their lives in domestic-violence-related homicides in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women.

Ending family violence takes neighbors, business owners and faith communities willing to get involved and to provide a circle of support.  It takes families, friends, neighbors and co-workers saying, “We will do what it takes to stop the cycle of violence and abuse.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with abuse, please seek assistance from law enforcement and Rivers of Hope, 763-295-3433. —Darlene Coughlin (Editor’s note: Coughlin is the executive director for Rivers of Hope)