Electronic certificate of real estate value now available

Sherburne County announced the release of the new Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value, eCRV.  The Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value benefits the public through streamlined processing of home sales and reduces paper and costs of processing at both the state and county level. The state of Minnesota and Sherburne County have worked together on an electronic form to streamline the process for citizens within the state and county.

Sherburne County Recorder Michelle Ashe instituted electronic recording of some real estate documents in February 2008.

The online eCRV allows her to move one step closer to the recording of all documents electronically, should a customer desire to record in that manner.  During the property sales process the new eCRV system is accessible online to capture and electronically complete the Certificate of Real Estate Value.  The new eCRV system reduces paperwork and time for sellers.  It also allows the state and county to more efficiently capture details of property sales for recording and evaluating real estate.  This will help speed the processing of property sales within Sherburne County.

“The eCRV system, located at http://taxes.state.mn.us/CRV/, is a replacement to the four-part paper CRV form and delivers streamlined processing during the sale and recording of property for sellers, mortgage companies, the state of Minnesota, and Sherburne County. It is a welcome service improvement to the property owners within Sherburne County”, said Gerald Kritzeck, Sherburne County assessor.

Sherburne County Auditor/Treasurer Diane Arnold said, “The eCRV will replace the paper CRV which is submitted along with a “deed” in transferring property. The eCRV provides information for the auditor/treasurer office to calculate the proper amount of deed tax to collect, of which 3 percent stays with the county and 97 percent is sent to the state of Minnesota. By having the submitters filling out the eCRV the county will have more complete and uniform information on the property sales.”

For additional information contact: Gerald Kritzeck, Sherburne County assessor, at 763-765-4900 or the website at http://taxes.state.mn.us/CRV/ .