Two firefighters take oaths of office in Elk River

Elk River Mayor John Dietz administered the oath of office to firefighter Christopher Sisk.

Two new Elk River firefighters have taken their oaths of office.
J. Christopher Sisk and Steven L. Bourdeaux were sworn in by Mayor John Dietz at the Monday, Oct. 3, Elk River City Council meeting.
Here’s more about the new firefighters, according to Fire Chief T. John Cunningham.
Sisk has lived in Elk River for 2.5 years. He works as an air traffic controller. Firefighting is a passion of his. Prior to moving to Elk River he was a firefighter in Fargo, N.D.

Mayor John Dietz and firefighter Steven Bourdeaux shook hands after Bourdeaux took the oath of office. Behind them are council members Nick Zerwas (left) and Jerry Gumphrey.

Bourdeaux is  a lifelong resident of Elk River for 34 years. He graduated from Elk River Senior High School in 1996. He works for Dimensional Experts in Elk River. He and his wife, Amber, are expecting a child in February. “He joined the Elk River Fire Department as a way to give something back to a great community,” Cunningham said.




Christopher Sisk's girlfriend, Liz, pinned on his badge after he took the firefighter oath of office Monday, Oct. 3.
Steven Bourdeaux's wife, Amber, pinned on his badge after he took the oath of office.