Pullman Place members petition city to save Energy City

Click here to read about Mayor John Dietz’s suggestions regarding Energy City’s budget.

by Joni Astrup
Associate editor
About 40 members of  the Pullman Place Cooperative in Elk River have petitioned the City Council to retain the Energy City program, which is facing possible budget cuts.

Florence Schuldt presented this petition in favor of retaining Energy City to the Elk River City Council.

According to the petition, they believe the Energy City designation has had a positive impact on the Elk River community. This has been evidenced by:
•the adoption and implementation of innovative technology,
•the construction of energy-efficient buildings,
•Elk River being the recipient of a significant amount of grant monies and
•the provision of public outreach and education resulting in conservation of energy and savings in money.
Florence Schuldt presented the petition to the council Monday, Oct. 3.
Schuldt said the city staff people working with Energy City are trying to educate Elk River about recycling, conserving and taking care of the land for our children and our children’s children.
“If we don’t start doing it now, who is going to?” Schuldt asked the council.