Wick places 20th in TC Marathon, leads large area contingent

Elk cross country coaches Jill Varty (left) and Mike Niziolek, and former Elk and current Boise State coach Brad Wick, posed in St. Paul after completing the Twin Cities Marathon. (Photo provided by Wick family)

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Brad Wick, former Elk runner and current cross country coach at Boise State, had a great run at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday.

Wick, 30, placed 20th among 8,534 runners with his time of 2:24:40. He ranked sixth among 807 male runners in the 30-35 bracket.

Wick listed himself from Elk River although he has lived in Boise, Idaho, for three years as coach of the women’s and men’s cross country teams, and the track team’s distance runners. One of his runners there is former Elk star Emma Bates.

It was just the second marathon for Wick, the other being the TCM in 2007 when he ran 2:38 on a hot day.

Busy with coaching, Wick said he hadn’t done any races snce the spring of 2008 with limited time for training, along with a lingering hamstring injury last year. But this past summer his leg felt better and he got back into it.

“I was able get in some great training with an eight-week stretch where I was able to average 100 miles per week,” said Wick. “Once the season started for us, I just had to manage three more weeks of heavy training and just did most of my runs and workouts early in the morning or in the evening after practice.”

Wick took his team to Minnesota the previous weekend for the Roy Griak Invitational, and made a second trip back home five day’s later for the TCM and a friend’s wedding.

“It worked out well since it was on an off week of racing for Boise State,” said Wick. “The race itself went great.”

He averaged 5:25 to 5:30 until his legs wore down and slowed to 5:40 and 5:50 on two uphill miles late in the race.

“My legs are quite sore now, but it was well worth it!” said Wick.

Big Elk CC contingent

The Elk cross country program was well-represented in the marathon, even beyond their distinguished alum Wick.

Longtime head coach and marathoner Mike Niziolek, 50, placed ninth among 483 in the 50-55 division, and 227th overall.

Elk volunteer assistant Jill Varty, 49, in her first marathon, placed fifth among 337 in her division, and 63rd among 3,676 women.

And Julie Ness, 43, mother of an Elk runner, placed 273rd among the women and 32nd among 509 in her age/gender division.

In addition, Brian Gilbertson, Elk CC assistant and head boys track coach,  placed ninth in his division in the 10-mile race.

Rogers soccer coaches run

Rogers soccer was well-represented, too, as both head coaches ran — Chris Miller in his 17th marathon and Holly Sutton in her first — as well as boys assistant Chad Kreuser who has run about 10 of them. Kreuser, 31, led the trio with 3:28:03 and placed 141st among 807 in his age/gender group.

The oldest area finisher was Larry McNichols, 67, of Elk River, who took 32nd among 57 in his division.

The first Zimmerman runner at the finish line was Gary Matteson, 25, who placed 88th among 715 in his age/gender division.

Those 8,534 runners trekked 26.2 miles, starting at Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis and finishing at the capitol in St. Paul. An estimated 300,000 spectators lined up along the way.

Sammy Malakwen, 33, of Two Harbors, was the winner in 2:13:11. Leading the women was Yeshimebet Bifa, 23, of Waldorf, MD, in 2:28:24.

The runners completing the marathon included 33 from Elk River, 14 from Rogers, 12 from Otsego, and 12 from Zimmerman, all listed below.


Area TCM finishers


Brad Wick, 30, Elk River, 2:24:40

Mike Niziolek, 50, Elk River, 3:00:12

Jill Varty, 49, Elk River, 3:13:55

Jen Riewe, 38, Elk River, 3:22.28

Gary Matteson, 25, Zimmerman, 3:25:19

Katie Eberly, 33, Elk River, 3:27:55

Chad Kreuser, 31, Elk River,  3:28:03

Jacob Wernersbach, 22, Zimmerman, 3:35:19

Julie Ness, 43, Elk River, 3:35:55

Chris Miller, 29, Rogers, 3:44:13

Pete Nelson, 53, Elk River, 3:46:17

Sarah Rotz, 24, Zimmerman, 3:46:45

Craig Eggert, 32, Zimmerman, 3:48:04

Joni Busch, 44, Rogers, 3:48:38

Sarah Soltys Larson, 33, Rogers, 3:52:59

Maggie Baron, 44, Elk River, 3:53:36

Muggs Prosser, 47, Elk River, 3:53:37

Kent Graves, 42, Elk River, 4:00:09

Rebecca Knapp, 35, Zimmerman, 4:00:11

Melanie Anderson, 21, Elk River, 4:00:29

Richard Van Patten, 51, Elk River,  4:01:03

Brett Riewe, 38, Elk River,  4:01:03

Sean Harris, 31, Otsego, 4:03:04

Neal Bachman, 31, Otsego,  4:04:49

Tom Gilgenbach, 49, Elk River, 4:09:03

Holly Sutton, 25, Elk River, 4:10:01

Gary Wernersbach, 53, Zimmerman, 4:11:04

Lindsey Felien, 28, Rogers,  4:14:39

Cory Klein, 26, Zimmerman, 4:17:41

Kris Larson, 38, Rogers, 4:20:52

Jody Hamre, 51, Zimmerman, 4:27:46

Richard Fadgen, 56, Rogers, 4:28:03

James Beckius, 32, Elk River, 4:32:10

Bridget Reilly, 27, Otsego, 4:32:45

Paul Johansson, 58, Elk River, 4:35:21

Anthony Erickson, 37, Elk River, 4:36:41

Mike Edgington, 40, Otsego, 4:36:41

Bonnie Behl, 40, Zimmerman 4:37:29

Nicholas Gillen, 30, Elk River, 4:42:35

Jean Botstrom, 58, Zimmerman,  4:42:06

Alan Evans,  28, Otsego, 4:42:39

Mike Konkle, 49, Rogers, 4:45:44

Lori Burke, 46, Otsego, 4:48:25

Justin Lindner, 25, Elk River, 4:48:28

Kathleen Raymakers, 42, Elk River, 4:49:56

Robert Tatro, 49, Zimmerman, 4:51:02

Tim Jeanetta, 45, Elk River, 4:51:06

Chris Lamm, 33, Otsego, 4:51:54

Trina Sachs, 42, Rogers, 4:53:35

Greg Sachs, 42, Rogers, 4:53:35

Larry McNichols,  67, Elk River, 4:54:07

Rachele Kreuser, 52, Elk River, 4:59:16

Scott Downing, 43, Elk River, 4:59:52

Julie Larson, 37, Otsego, 5:00:56

Jeanna Christ, 38, Elk River, 5:01:05

Laura Anderson, 43, Rogers, 5:02:28

Michelle Shefveland, 50, Elk River, 5:05.44

Lindsay Truax, 25, Rogers, 5:06:09

Amie Benson, 39, Rogers, 5:06:54

Molly Lusignan, 40, Elk River, 5:11:41

Ben Podoll, 33, Otsego, 5:13:15

Joel Anderson, 36, Rogers, 5:15:51

Nicole Rasmussen, 36, Elk River, 5:21:24

Toni Weinbeck, 30, Otsego, 5:22:53

Emily Trossen, 25, Rogers, 5:24:06

Laura Swenson, 35, Otsego, 5:26:49

Donna MacGregor, 50, Zimmerman,  5:30:34

Jon Bunker, 44, Elk River, 5:32:12

Nick Jedinak, 31, Rogers, 5:38:36

Nathan Wendland, 31, Elk River, 5:47:18

Trixie Walters, 35, Otsego, 5:54:59